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Makeup Revolution Radiant Light Highlighters in Breathe and Exhale

Sunday, 4 January 2015

Following on from Friday's post on my recent Makeup Revolution haul I bring to you today their new Radiant Light highlighter's in the shades Breathe and Exhale. These new baked highlighters are absolutely beautiful, the formula is smooth and incredibly finely milled leaving skin looking radiant and glowing.

The shade Breathe is a touch too dark and golden for my skin tone at this time of the year, dark was probably the wrong word to use, it just blends in with my colouring more than highlighting it but it gives a lovely natural sheen to my skin.

Exhale is the fairest highlighter in their range and is a gorgeous neutral, leaning on the pink side, coloured highlighter that just looks gorgeous on. I find this shade really lifts my complexion and isn't really obvious that I'm wearing it.

L Exhale
R Breathe

Both of these shades come with a good sized mirror in the compact and are surprisingly large for the mere £5 price tag. I hate to say it as an Urban Decay lover but I actually prefer these highlighters over  my Naked Illuminated highlighter as these don't have the large glittery particles in that Urban Decay's does.

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