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Premae's Immaculate Collection Review

Monday, 3 February 2014

Ok, so after reading thousands of blogs myself and always appreciating and offering a virtual hand of support to some of these ladies as they expose themselves so bravely to the world I was often left feeling as though I'd like to give something back...I mean if these ladies hadn't taken the time to blog then I wouldn't have found their truly life changing contributions and hey, maybe someone might find one of my contributions in turn just as life changing? Well, there is something that greatly changed my life a year ago, something that unfortunately fellow sufferers still find awkward and embarrassing to talk about...PCOS.

PCOS is what set me on my "quest for perfection". Now whilst I have always loved make-up and skin-care products (hell, what girl doesn't?!) my love for them has over the last 18 months turned into an obsession. With PCOS comes some nasty symptoms. Now the irregular, painful and heavy periods I can cope with, just about...but it's the, at times, soul destroying symptoms that really get you down. Whilst my skin is under control at the moment, through some lifestyle changes, hormone balancing treatments and the right skincare routine, 12 months ago I was at my worst. Predominantly on my jaw-line I had the most painful spots and under skin cysts ever! In fear of seeming vain I kept my struggle to myself and this is where my make-up love turned into an obsession! I was desperate to find foundations, primers and concealers that would mask the problem...I had gone from wearing my favourite tinted moisturiser that I wore for around 3 years to wearing several layers of primers and foundations and carefully blended concealers. Now whilst the added layers to my face gave some confidence, it wasn't helping the underlying problems and I was often left with that "cakey" look that us ladies are desperate to avoid! Leaving a trusted brand that you have been with for years because of such a dramatic and desperate skin situation is over-whelming...I spent hours everyday in search of the 'next best thing'. This is where I realised I was over-complicating things...I needed to go back to basics! Now, 3 months ago I discovered a new brand through a sample of their Harmony Serum in my Glossybox...Premae.


That was how my skin looked in November of last year. Pretty nasty huh? Now at the time of taking these photo's I was using Clinique's 3-step routine and it just wasn't helping. I'm in no way saying that the brand is rubbish, I had used their make-up and skin-care for over 3's just as my body was changing the products in my routine weren't helping me. Back to Premae. Now I only received a sample of their Harmony Serum so at the time couldn't vouch for any of their other products, but after only a few uses of Harmony Serum my skin was making huge improvements.

As I didn't have a cleanser from their range to use alongside the Harmony Balm I just carried on using my Clinique cleansing bar. Within a week a really noticed a difference. My skin was less irritated and aggravated and the painful cysts were starting to subside. That was it, once I could see the difference I was hooked on this product and I took to their website to purchase a full sized bottle of the serum. This is where I discovered they did a miniature collection of the full Harmony range. In the collection was a 20ml Face Wash, 20ml Face Tonique, 20ml Harmony Serum and 10ml Harmony Balm, enough to last you 30 days and to see how your skin got on with it. This was the best thing I ever did! Every week my skin was getting better and better, the spots have completely gone and the acne scarring has substantially lightened. Every week throughout January I was sending a "selfie" update to Premae and their replies were always messages of joy and encouragement. You can check out my selfie diary skin update here.

This is where I am now...4 weeks after using the full range...Pretty impressive huh? I'm overjoyed with the results and this is one brand I shall be sticking with...thank you Premae! So now I have got that part of my PCOS under management there's just the other horrible parts of PCOS to deal with...


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