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Trial-Sized Tuesday's - Clarins Skin Smoothing Eye Mask

Tuesday, 30 December 2014

After a long, busy day sat in front of my pc in the office yesterday I had a dig through my drawer of samples to find a little something to try for my Trial-Sized Tuesday's spot and rejoiced at the little box of  Clarins Skin Smoothing Eye Mask staring back at me. I've been meaning to try this stuff for a while and boy did my tired peepers appreciate it afterwards.

Clarins Skin Smoothing Eye Mask does just that, it's an intensive mask blended with Wild Rose, Apricot and Rose Water that helps energise tired eyes and minimise the signs of fatigue. The formula is smooth and creamy and doesn't tug at your eye are when you're applying it. You simply apply the cream to your under eye area and after 5-10 minutes gently wipe away with a damp cotton wool pad. I did find whilst it was drying it felt a little tight under my eyes but after I wiped it off the skin under my eyes felt so soft and refreshed. 

At £30.50 for 30ml it may seem a little on the expensive side, however for the very little amount that you need for each eye it will last forever and it's probably the most energising under eye treatment I have tried.

La Roche-Posay 4 Week Trial Results and Product Reviews

Monday, 29 December 2014

With suffering from acne prone skin (primarily on my chin and jawline thanks to PCOS) and hearing loads of rave reviews on La Roche-Posay's products I decided to give their range a shot and after 4 weeks of use I feel confident in giving a review on what I have tried.

A foaming gel cleanser that's tested on blemish prone skin and is designed to gently purify skin and eliminate impurities and excess oil. You can't knock the amount of product that you get for your money and the cleanser itself is nice, it foams well and leaves skin feeling clean and not at all tight as some cleansers for oily skin do.

Another product in their range designed for blemish prone skin and comes highly recommended by thousands of dermatologists to help reduce excess oil levels and unblock pores. I like the cooling effect of this toner after cleansing and it does leave my skin feeling squeaky clean without drying it out and again the amount of product you get for your money is undeniably good value.

I have a bit of a soft spot for exfoliators and with this one promising effective results with its soap-free and alcohol-free formula I couldn't resist adding it to my routine. Firstly this scrub smells lovely, kind of a mix between baby wipes and a floral smell which is a pleasure to use however it doesn't do much on the exfoliating front. It's more like a cleanser with a few exfoliating beads in it which leaves you feeling like you need to use more. For the mere 50ml for the price and the amount you need to use I wouldn't purchase again, I have exfoliators in my bathroom cabinet that deliver better results for half the price.

Suffering from at times large cyst type spots on my jawline I like to apply something intensive to said spot before bed to try and get some of the inflammation down by morning and La Roche-Posay's appealed to me as it claimed to be wearable under make-up and intensely purge imperfections. Let me start by saying however little of this product you use you will not be able to apply make-up over the top, it has a bitty texture to it when it's dried that makes it totally obvious you have something under your make-up. I tried using it only at night after cleansing and toning and it does nothing for getting down spots. If you suffer from large spots like I do then I highly recommend Clinique's Anti-Blemish Solutions Clinical Clearing Gel to get angry spots down without drying them out.

I love the texture of this cream, it feels smooth to apply, however my skin does not like this product. This cream promises to unblock pores, fight off shine and fight against the appearance of marks and scars and I can honestly say my skin texture has got worse after a month of using it. It's recommended you apply to the whole face morning and night but I had to stop wearing it in the day as it was stripping my skin of moisture and left me with dry patches, something I've never experienced before with having oily skin.

I know when it comes to a new skincare routine you have to be patient to see the results you want but after a month of using this range my skin is getting worse and I'm having the worst break-outs I've had all year...when I get spots on my forehead you know there is something seriously wrong. 

I had high hopes for these products but they just don't work for me. Do you use La Roche-Posay products? What are your experiences with them?

This Works In Transit Camera Close Up Primer Review

Sunday, 28 December 2014

With the likes of Victoria Beckham favouriting this product and the amazing sounding ingredients and skin benefits I had high, high hopes for this primer. So what is it about this primer that had VB herself in a spin about it I hear you ask? 

This Works In Transit Camera Close Up  rrp £30 heralds itself as a portable pick-me-up that evens, plumps and brightens skin instantly by being a moisturiser, mask and primer all in one. This primer most appealed to me because of it's natural ingredients including a powerful blend of repairing plant oils, Hyaluronic Acid and added caffeine for its revitalising benefits. The primer promises to rapidly erase signs of fatigue, boost hydration and leave skin with a slightly dewy photo perfect finish. So did it deliver I hear you ask?

Kind of. It didn't leave me with the dewy finish that I like and expected. It left my skin feeling moisturised but not overly so, which is great if you have oily skin like myself. Some people have claimed this primer 'erased fine-lines' in photos, I have a few fine lines on my forehead and I can't say that I saw the same results myself. I wouldn't say the primer aided the longevity nor shortened the staying power of my foundation, it was just ok really. 

I'm on the fence with this product, for me it didn't deliver the results I was expecting, now I know I'm not going to get model dewy skin and a completely photo flawless finish but I was expecting it to perk my skin up a bit more. For £30 I can think of a few primers that admittedly don't contain the same amount of natural ingredients but do deliver a smoother finish. 

Urban Decay Naked Illuminated Aura

Sunday, 21 December 2014

I've wanted Naked Illuminated highlighting powder from Urban Decay ever since it was released and with all of the pre Christmas deals going on I decided to purchase it with some of my Christmas cash.

I was quite surprised by the size of it, it's huge and the packaging is just gorgeous, the whole thing is wrapped in a shimmering fabric that really sets the theme for the product itself.

I chose the shade Aura which is a gorgeous soft peachy pink highlighter with gold threaded through it, I know a lot of more tanned ladies have opted for this shade but it still works beautifully on my fair (NC15) skin.

There's a decent sized mirror and a handy little brush for application in a separate compartment, hallelujah! 
It's really hard to photograph just how beautiful this highlighter is. In the pan it looks like a disco ball, really glittery, but on your skin it gives the most beautiful glow with shimmers of gold, peach and pink.

Clinique Intense Moisturising Chubby Stick in Grandest Grape

Friday, 19 December 2014

I don't know about everyone else but with the Christmas party season being upon us, the constant changing of lipstick and cold weather is really drying out my lips and Clinique's Intense Moisturising Chubby Sticks rrp £17 are a great solution to my problem.

I own a few of the original moisturising Chubby Sticks but the formula of the Intense ones is really hydrating and leaves lips so soft and nourished. Grandest Grape is a beautiful berry toned lip colour that is just perfect for this time of the year.
£17 may sound a little on the expensive side for a coloured lip balm you might say but the colour pay-off is so rich and the formula really is so moisturising that they are totally worth it!

Topshop Naturist Lipstick

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Last week I indulged my Topshop lipstick collection with a new addition Naturist rrp £7. Described as 'a pinky nude' it bares a striking resemblance to my MAC Faux lipstick, only slightly less pink toned and leaning more on the chocolate side.

I adore this colour, it has a definite Kylie Jenner 90's nude feel to it and is the perfect shade for winter. The finish is a creamy satin and really leaves lips feeling moisturised and nourished. 

Topshops AW14 makeup range is really impressive, from 90's nudes like this to gorgeous metallics there really is an affordable option for everyone.

A Drugstore Glycolic Peel To Rival A Premium Brand...

Sunday, 14 December 2014

Ever since I purchased Dr LeWinn's Skin Renewal Overnight Exfoliator rrp £36 a few months ago and rapidly saw the results of an overnight Glycolic Peel my eyes make a b-line for any products containing that magical ingredient when ever I'm in Superdrug or Boots or even browsing online and I think I may have found my biggest ever drugstore dupe ever!
Superdrug's Naturally Radiant line is something I've admittedly overlooked every time I've shopped there but when out with my sister last week she picked up her regular moisturiser and sat next to it was their own Glycolic Overnight Peel rrp £5.99 which I scooped up for a mere £2.98. When I got home and compared my Dr LeWinn's to Superdrug's I was astounded to find they both contain (give or take a couple of ingredients) the same stuff!
So what is an Overnight Glycolic Peel? It's designed to give skin a smoother texture and a more even tone, helping to battle wrinkles and fade acne scars over time. You simply smooth the product onto skin after cleansing in the evening and apply your regular serum/moisturiser over the top. Both products promise to deliver the same results and after using both of them a few days apart I really couldn't tell any difference between the two, they both gave the same fabulous results.

With the two both containing the same key ingredients- Sugar Cane and Sugar Maple to gently exfoliate and resurface skin and Orange and Lemon extract to exfoliate and purify skin this hughstreet dupe really rivals Dr Lewinn's premium version. Superdrug's Naturally Radiant version has a few ingredients (Kiwi and Mulberry to brighten skin) that Dr LeWinn's doesn't contain and visa versa (Witch Hazel to clarify skin and Vitamin A to rejuvenate) but essentially these two products contain the same refining Glycolic Acid and Fruit acids.

So if you're looking for a completely purse-friendly Glycolic Peel I would definitely recommend Superdug's own brand. I know I won't be paying £36 next time round!

Born Pretty Store Matte Lipsticks

Saturday, 13 December 2014

A few weeks ago I was approached by the lovely Alicia from Born Pretty Store the one-stop shop for beauty and accessory shopping and was asked to review some of their products on my blog. After having a browse through the hundreds of items on their website I settled on trying some of their Matte Lipsticks and pictured are the shades I received 07 a punchy tomato red and 08 a zingy coral.

The first thing I noticed when I pulled them out of the packaging was the striking resemblance to Topshop's lipsticks, everything from the mint coloured sleek metal housing of the lipstick itself to the cute little cardboard box. A clear rip-off of Topshop's make-up line, but with so many affordable brands copying Premium brands who cares when you're getting just as good quality make-up for a fraction of the price?

I would say the finish of these lipsticks is more of a creamy satin finish than matte, which means the formula isn't drying on your lips at all. Of the two I prefer 07 the tomato red, my pale skin can't really pull of such a bright coral at the moment, but I imagine it will look great with a tan in the spring/summer.
If you fancy checking out (and trust me you'll want to as they stock everything from false lashes to phone cases!) then I have been given an exclusive code for you to receive 10% off your first order and it's free international shipping!*

* is an overseas seller so expect around a 2 week window for delivery.

MAC Pro Palette Eyeshadow Refills in Brule and Espresso

Friday, 12 December 2014

If you caught my post on my quite recent purchase of a Unii Palette you'll know that I'm now quite set on building a customised palette with everything I need in it to get ready in the morning (with the exception of foundation!) and my latest editions to this palette were MAC's Pro Palette Refills in Brule and Espresso. 

For my everyday makeup palette I really wanted to include neutrals that can be quickly applied without much fuss so I decided to choose Brule a creamy-beige for my eyeshadow base and Espresso a neutral brown for my eyebrows. 

I own a lot of MAC products i.e. foundations, lipsticks, primers, highlighters etc and I have to say that these two eyeshadows for me don't live up to the hype. I don't find them as highly pigmented as others claim them to be, especially Espresso and I much prefer my Urban Decay eyeshadows. Maybe it's just these shades but it has seriously put me off trying any more shadows from MAC. I will use them up as the shades themselves are perfect for me but it's just the lack of pigment which means I'm to and from the pan with my brush constantly that annoys me.

Do you own any MAC eyeshadow's? What are your thoughts? 

Dr Jart+ Pore Refine Recover Primer Review

Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Over the last few days I have been testing out a primer which I received in my November BirchboxDr Jart+ Pore Refine Recover Primer. With the promise of helping to disguise pores with Witch Hazel extract and regulate oiliness I couldn't wait to give this primer a shot. So what's in it? Well there's a little something called Hyaluronic Acid which improves moisture levels in the skin and a Dr Jart's 'Art Skin Film' which helps cover fine lines and wrinkles to create a smooth base for your makeup. As well as creating a smooth base the primer also helps calm and soothe red and irritated skin with Sage and Rosemary extract.

I was a little concerned that this primer would give me a flat matte base as it states it helps with keeping oiliness at bay, however my skin had just the right amount of dewiness to it without getting that glaring oiliness to my nose and forehead after a few hours of wear like I do with some other primers. The formula isn't what I expected, it's quite a thick gel like consistency that I found need a little more attention when smoothing on to skin, but when my foundation went on top the finish is quite lovely. Although it has all the skin loving ingredients in it it's practically odourless and colourless, giving it more of a feel of using skincare rather than makeup.

All in all I really like this primer, it kept my makeup in place for a good 10 hours and it feels weightless to wear. 

December Birchbox

Tuesday, 9 December 2014

December's Birchbox is a sparkling collaboration with accessory designer Sophia Webster, dubbed the bumper box including everything you need to get you through the party season I was pleasantly surprised with the contents when it arrived yesterday. So here's my box and contents...

Everybody will be lucky enough to receive a Models Own nail polish (colours vary, I received Amethyst) a Benefit cracker with a surprise inside (I received a mini High Beam sample) and Eyeko Fat Eye Stick (shades vary, I received the shade Smoke) and an exclusive purse designed by Sophia Webster.

Also included in my box was a decent sized sample of Eslor Firming Collagen Day Cream, an anti-aging cream thats targets wrinkles and adds hydration to skin. I had a a good sized sample of Electric Hair Hydrate Shampoo which helps to repair damage and improve shine with it's nourishing formula and a sample of Trilogy Organic Rosehip Oil which I've been dying to try for some time.

All in all I'm very pleased with this month's box, I did cancel a few months ago after a few meh boxes but I really feel the boxes contents have improved last month and this month, everything will get used from this box and I was excited to see one of my favourite brands Eyeko included.

Stila Convertible Colour - Gerbera

Sunday, 7 December 2014

If you happen to stop by my blog regularly then you'll already know I have real soft spot for blushers, especially the cream variety. Stila's Convertible Colour's are some of the finest cream blushers I own and the gorgeous shade Gerbera is a beautiful rosy peach colour that looks great on all skin tones. 

I've done a couple of posts on these versatile little beauties and I have to say Gerbera is my new favourite shade, it's the perfect amount of peach and pink leaving cheeks with a healthy flush of colour.

L Stila Convertible Colour Gerbera
R Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge Fresh Melon

Upon playing with my new favourite shade I discovered it's quite similar to Bobbi Brown's Pot Rouge in Fresh Melon, Gerbera being a little brighter and less peach in tone but very similar none the less. I love the finish of Stila's Convertible Colour's, they leave a gorgeous sheen that enhances the healthy glow the colour gives.

This shade looks lovely on cheeks, I did find it a little more difficult to work with on lips as it's a lighter shade, I found a little lip balm on first and then working into lips with your fingers works best. As with all my cream blushers I like to apply with my fingers first and then buff with my Real Techniques buffing brush for a flawless finish. 

Clarins Instant Concealer Review

Friday, 5 December 2014

After reading Anna from Vivianna Does Makeup's review on Clarins Instant Concealer I felt compelled to rush out and buy it. With claims of giving instantly refreshed, radiant eye's, with a fluid texture that blends seamlessly and a just a good old multi use product in general I just couldn't wait to give it a try.

I went for shade 01, the fairest, which is a tad more pink toned than I'd like but I can make it work if I'm wearing it under my eyes alone. So, did it give me instantly 'refreshed, radiant eye's'? No. It's very watery (which I was expecting thanks to the heads up from Anna's post) and very sheer so it did little to disguise my dark circles. Ok, but did it 'blend seamlessly'? Not exactly. With it being more pink toned and my foundation being yellow toned I have to take more care with blending and the concealer kinda settles into the creases under my eyes effectively making me look more tired than before! 

With all of the amazing reviews on Clarins website and Anna's post I'm disappointed that this concealer doesn't work for me or fit my needs, at £21 this purchase didn't exactly break the bank but it was a wasted one none the less.

Urban Decay Naked Basics 2 vs Naked Basics

Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Admittedly my post on Urban Decay's Naked basics 2 is not alone and quite late, however I just had to share this gorgeous bargain purchase (£15.70!) from Cohorted I made a few weeks ago. If you haven't heard of Cohorted or made a purchase from them yet then you really should check them out, they bring you big brands at tiny prices, the concept is simple...the more people that shop the bigger the price drop!

Matt neutral eyeshadows are my thang and loving my Naked Basics palette as much as I do I knew Naked Basics 2 would have to be mine! This palette has five never-before-seen matt shades that just like it's predecessor blend like a dream and wear so well.
The packaging and palette itself is very similar to the the first Naked Basics, I love the sleek yet simple design and the very generous size of the mirror inside.

Naked Basics 2 is cooler in tone than Naked Basics with these six taupe hued neutrals and compliments Naked 2 perfectly (which I don't own due to all the shimmery shades which aren't my thang!).

L Naked Basics 2
R Naked Basics

So here's Naked Basics 2 on the left compared to my well used and well loved Naked Basics on the right. I initially thought I wouldn't need Naked Basics 2 when it was released as I thought it was very similar to the first but when you have them together you can really tell the difference. I'm so glad I decided to add it to my collection, with Cohorted offering such an a amazing discount I'd have been a fool not to!

Do you own these palettes? What are your thoughts?

Trouble Sleeping? Try This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray

Sunday, 30 November 2014

I've always been a pretty light sleeper, anything from hearing the dog walking around downstairs to the other half nipping to the bathroom in the middle of the night would wake me up and take me ages to get back to sleep, that's all a thing of the past since I discovered This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray rrp £30 250ml.

I will admit I really thought a pillow spray would be a bit gimmicky and without the help of sleeping tablets I was going to remain a twitchy sleeper but I can happily say since purchasing this miracle pillow spray a little over a month ago I have not awoken in the night once and I now sleep like a baby! All you do is squirt a couple of sprays onto your pillow and quilt before bed and let the soothing lavender and chamomile scent do its work! 

With 82% of users falling asleep faster and 92% of users feeling more refreshed in the morning (me being one of them!) what are you waiting for? If you are a light sleeper or are just a tad stressed and need an aid for a good nights sleep I highly recommend this!

Laura Mercier Silk Creme Foundation in Soft Ivory Swatch and Review

Friday, 28 November 2014

After reading tons of blog posts and reviews on Laura Mercier Silk Creme Foundation a few weeks ago I decided to take the plunge and splurge my hard earned £34 on it and here's my thought's on it...

The foundation itself, as you can see, is housed in a handy tube and you get a generous 35ml of product. 

The colour guide on  the back of the tube doesn't completely match the shade of the product itself as some other ladies had said it did with their shade, I was expecting Soft Ivory to be a tad more yellow toned than it is, but it's not a bad match for my pale skin at this time of the year.

Ok, so onto the foundation itself. Now I have moderately blemished skin, not a constant flurry of acne but quite a few acne scars on my chin and jawline and the most appealing aspect of this foundation were the claims of being medium-full coverage, at best I would say this foundation is medium coverage and doesn't have the build-ability I had heard it does. As for the claims of 'blendable formula that glides on easily' I couldn't agree less, even using Laura Mercier's Foundation Primer and trying to apply the foundation with either my Beauty Blender, Buffing brush or fingers I still couldn't get an even finish. When I did get a satisfactory finish it only lasted for an hour or so, it certainly didn't live up to its claims of being 'long-wearing and a fresh look that lasts all day' after 3 hours the foundation separated and left my skin looking oily and blotchy.

I really wanted to love this foundation and I've tried everything I can to get a half decent finish but it just does not live up to my MAC Studio Fix Fluid and I feel absolutely gutted at parting with £34 for a foundation that will just lay in a drawer. 

Make-up Space Saving Idea's - Unii Palette

Wednesday, 26 November 2014

When Benefit released their Cheeky Sweet Spot Box O Blushes I hurriedly went out and bought it and loved it until I realised how inconvenient the clunky tin was and started looking for ways to to remove the blushers and house them in something more practical. So after some googling I found the Unii Palette from The Beauty Crowd rrp £15. Now I knew all about brands such as MAC, E.L.F and Stila doing refills of their products and MAC doing their own magnetic palettes for their eyeshadow's etc but I knew nothing of the world of de-potting make-up and the cute storage solutions out there for it.

So the Unii Palette was designed by a beauty enthusiast from California who wanted a travel friendly solution to storing and carryinging make-up. The Unii palette allows you store all of your favourite products in one place with it's magnetic inside, it even comes with a sheet of adhesive magnet for your products that aren't magnetic! 

I opted for the black design, it's so sleek and has gorgeous little flecks of glitter in it. The palette although sleek and relatively compact  is sturdy and very well made for £15.

You see that little clover looking rubber thing on the left? That's a moveable thumb grip allowing you to get a grip of your palette without sticking your fingers in the make-up pans!

I love the idea of being able to customise your own palette and it's a great solution for those gift sets we all get, meaning you can whip out your favourite items and chuck the rest!

The Unii palette came with really clear and concise instructions, making the whole process pretty foolproof. Lucking I managed to depot my blushers from my Benefit set without any breakages but depotting is not for the faint hearted and I definitely will be practising with some of my old drugstore products first before moving on to some of my favourite higher-end brands.

British Beauty Blogger Dream Box 2

Monday, 24 November 2014

As soon as I saw Jane Cunningham aka British Beauty Blogger's Youtube video announcing her 2nd Dream Box with Latest In Beauty I knew I had to be one of the lucky ones to snap one up, with only 2000 boxes available the website crashed with over 700 ladies taking to it at it's 12pm release time...luckily I managed to get through at 11:45am so all was well! So let's have a look at what was in this fantastic collaboration box...the Dream Box 2...

The cost of this box was a mere £21.95 including postage for a whopping £129 worth of products! I am more than happy with the variation of products, the opportunity to try some new brands and a top up off some of my already favourited products- Body Shop Beautifying Oil and Invisibobbles to name a couple.

If you fancy one of these collaboration boxes then I strongly advise keeping a close eye on Jane's blog and the Latest In Beauty website as these boxes are always guaranteed to sell fast!

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