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L'Oreal Sublime Bronze Gradual Tan

Saturday, 29 March 2014

I love gradual tanners. Who doesn't want that subtle all-year-round glow that's fool proof to even the most novice of self-tanners?

For a while I have been using Xen-Tan's Tranform Luxe, I've got it in Light/Medium and it comes out very dark...which is fine if you exfoliate and apply it well, but with no colour guide it's sometimes hard to judge where it's going. Although the colour is great (when applied properly!) and it goes onto your skin with a lovely vanilla scent it soon fades to that yucky biscuity mushroom smell. At last I have found a gradual tanner with NO mushroom smell!

I picked up the Light version of L'Oreal Sublime Bronze in Boots last week as it was on offer for only £4.66, cheap enough to bin if it was naff. I've been using it for a week now so feel I can give it a fair enough review...

I absolutely love it! In fact I popped into town this morning and picked up another bottle whilst it was still on offer! I really feel that the results supersede that of Xen-Tan's Transforme Luxe...and that stuff is like 4 times the price! It goes onto your skin really smoothly and absorbs quickly. There is not a hint of that tanning smell that I have had with all other tanners I've tried, it has a light floral fragrance to it. I have quite dry skin on the tops of my arms and shoulders and this kept them moisturised and didn't cause any weird patchy bits. Even though it's a gradual tanner I still apply with a tanning mitt, I just find you get smoother, less patchy results. After 2 days of use the colour is a lovely, natural olive brown, not at all orange like some other brands I have tried.

I'm actually won over from a high-end product to a drugstore brand!


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