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MAC Strobe Cream Review

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

MAC Strobe Cream

Now I know MAC Strobe Cream isn't new on the market but it's a new-ish part of my make-up bag and I love reviving a product that has been on the scene for a while with some fresh reviews. 

I have been using this under my foundation for the last couple of weeks, I thought it only fair to give it a good trial before reviewing it...and I must say I love it! Retailing at £23.50 for 50ml I think it's excellent value for money as a little bit of the product goes far and it should be a multitasking staple of any girls make-up bag!

Described as "The ultimate quick fix for skin, super-powedred with potent botanicals, de-snoozes, de-stresses, moistens, freshens and boosts the look of dull, flat or tired looking skin with a fully loaded vitamin zap and a mega dose of green tea." I couldn't say they were wrong at all with this description! Its absorbs into your skin quickly, leaving it feeling fresh and looking glowy.  You can wear alone as 
a moisturiser or under foundation for that lit-up effect in any lighting condition.

Unfortunately I do not have perfect skin, I make no attempt at denying this, so I haven't tried it without foundation but I love the lit-up effect it gives me...even through a couple of layers of foundation! I have quite oily skin, this doesn't leave me feeling oily initially...however after about 4/5 hours my face does start to look a little on the glassy side. This hasn't put me off at all though!

I can't comment on how it applies over foundation, I know some ladies use it to highlight their cheek bones etc but as I do have to layer up my foundation I tend to only apply powder highlighters so not to remove the foundation underneath. 

I absolutely love it, as all other MAC products I've tried...if it doesn't make me break-out then that usually sways me even more!


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