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Liebster Blog Award (Part 2)

Sunday, 13 April 2014

A big thanks to Ellie from Ellie's Corner and Phoebe Hope for nominations for the Liebster Blog Award.Now the Liebster Award is not just an award, but an awesome way of us bloggers with small followings (less than 300) to recognise other small time bloggers.  After you are nominated you have to post eleven facts about yourself, answer eleven questions asked by the blogger that nominated you and start the cycle all over again by nominating eleven more bloggers with under 300 followers and ask eleven new questions. So here goes with the eleven random facts about Miss Jodie Coles...

1) I hate mayonnaise. Nay, I have a morbid fear of mayonnaise!
2) I was once in the Sun newspaper as part of a sun safe campaign wearing one of those lovely caps with the flaps at the back...I was a child I might add!
3) I enjoy renovating furniture, Annie Sloan is my interior muse!
4) My favourite colour is mint green.
5) I had a kiss from Faithless (the Dj) in Ibiza.
6) I can't touch wet wool...pulling a freshly washed jumper from the washing machine is a nightmare!
7) I am one of six, I have 3 sisters and 2 brothers...of which I'm the eldest.
8) I have an obsession for blushers and fact anything beauty related!
9) My favourite song is Edge of Seventeen by Stevie Nicks...that woman is incredible!
10) My favourite animal are frogs...with their permanent smile they are the cutest animals ever!
11) Feet gross me out...I'm yet to see an attractive set of feet!

On to my questions...

1) What is your favourite foundation coverage? I would love to say light or medium but due to the fact I suffer from hormonal break-outs I wear a full coverage foundation (MAC Studio Fix Fluid).
2) What skin type do you have? I have oily skin, sucks right now but I'm told oily skin is less wrinkly in later life...I can deal with a little blotting if that's the case!
3) Favourite clothing item?'s got to be either a breton top or a denim shirt...there are endless ways of styling them!
4) Favourite beauty item? Oooh that's another toughy...either my MAC foundation as the coverage is amazing or my Bobbi Brown corrector and concealer.
5) What made you start blogging? After reading tons of blogs about PCOS I really wanted to start one and share what works for me, if it wasn't for the girls writing those blogs then I wouldn't have found have the things that have helped me.
6) Favorite high-end brand? MAC and Bobbi Brown...never bought a product from them I didn't like.
7) Favourite drug-store brand? Not a a brand that I'm a fan of make-up wise but I do love Barry M's nail polish.
8) What is one beauty product that really let you down when you tried it? Gah, there's been a few over the years...but most recently it's got to be Rimmel's Rita Ora nail polish in White Light...the nail polish was gloomy and the brush was awful, it went straight in the bin!
9) Who do you seek advice from for your blog? Honestly, no-one. None of my friends or family blog so I just kinda go with my instincts and write what I'm passionate about.
10) How do you plan blog posts? Am I supposed to? I really don't plan any of my posts, if I buy a product that I feel I really must say something about, be it negative or positive, then I will share my thoughts.
11) What are you ambitions for your blog? Really I'm just enjoying being part of a community that is so resourceful and like-minded...I really don't plan to have 15,000 followers by the end of the year, I'm just enjoying sharing my experiences right now.

Finally, the bloggers I nominate are-

Scarlett Reeves from Scarlett Olivia
Emily from Emie's Bits and Bobs
Sandy from The Sassy Blog
Mary from Strikepose
Catherine from Whispers of Woodstock
Eff from Beauty by Eff
Sarah from Nails from Nothing
Julia from Mdame Juliaaa
Hannah from Northern life in London
The Paris Logic
Helen from Pink Polka Dot and Popcorn

And the questions I will leave for you are-

1) What inspires you?
2) What did you want to be when you grew up?
3) Night in with the family or night out with the girls?
4) You've got 5 minutes to get ready for work, what do you reach for?
5) Sweet or savoury?
6) Vacation or staycation?
7) Cats or dogs?
8) What inspired you to write your blog?
9) 3 items you could take with you to a remote island?
10) Au natural or OTT?
11) Favorite person/people and why?

Much love,

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