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MAC Angel Lipstick Review

Monday, 26 May 2014

I received this little beauty last friday from Cohorted with a very reasonable discount of £3, I probably didn't need another lippie but seeing as it's MAC, it only cost me £12 and I received free postage...who's going to say no?!

MAC's lipstick Angel is part of their 'Frost' collection so as the title implies it has and ever so slight micro-shimmer and delivers a gorgeous warm-pink. Like most other MAC lipstick's I have tried it does have a faint Vanilla scent to it but it doesn't taste of anything. I got around 3-4 hours wear from this colour, I do find lighter shades tend to fade just a bit quicker. 

MAC Angel Lipstick

My lips are quite pink naturally so it looks more of a bubblegum pink on me, I found applying  bit of balm before the lipstick stopped the drying sensation I get with frosted lipsticks. I absolutely love this colour, it will be a perfect nude-pink for those days when I can't, or don't have time to decide on what lipstick to wear.

If you haven't already visited Cohorted then you should definitely check them out! The cohorts start at 6pm on Monday night's, I've already picked up some fab high-end bargains and their service is great!


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