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May Premae Donna Box Selection

Saturday, 17 May 2014

Making my Premae Donna box selection is something I really look forward to. Not only I am kept stocked up with my favourite regular products but it gives me the opportunity to try new products at a fraction if the retail price. I made my selection at the beginning of the month but I wanted to give it a couples of weeks before giving my opinion on the products...although if you know me and you know Premae you know I'll love everything of theirs I try!
Balance Rescue Cleansing Face Wash rrp £22.50
If you've read any of my posts on my skincare routine and products you'll know that Premae's Balance Rescue face wash is a staple product for me. I use this cleanser morning and night, a gentle yet very thorough foaming cleanser that unclogs pores and removes all traces of make-up and other impurities. This cleanser is ideal for blemish prone skin and gives illuminating results.
Pharma 100 Conditioning Creme rrp £19.50  
Pharma 100 was a completely new product for me this month. I've really been looking forward to trying it and after using it for two weeks I feel I can give it a fair enough review. Although I have oily/combination skin on my face I seem to suffer from the complete opposite on my body. Don't get me wrong I'm not covered in dry, flaky patches but I do suffer from quite dry, tight skin on the tops of my arms and shoulders, or should I say did? This creme has been an absolute dream to use, it's very rich, I apply straight out of the shower and my skin drinks it up and I'm left feeling moisturised well into the day. This award-winning creme is great for eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis sufferers alike, leaving skin nourished and fortified.
Lab Definitive Eye Creme rrp £17.50
I briefly touched on Premae's Lab Definitive Eye Creme in my April's favourite's blog post. I've been using it for around a month now and can confidently say that it's fabulous! This eye creme is nourishing yet light and makes for a great eye make-up base. Enriched with Vitamin C and K it refreshes and comfortably tightens delicate skin around the eye area. Although moisturising it's not at all greasy so it keeps eye make-up in place, keeping eye's looking fresh and bright.

I'm looking forward to my June selection, if you're yet to try Premae's products don't won't be disappointed!

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