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Bobbi Brown Blusher - Coral Sugar

Friday, 12 September 2014

I did a post last Sunday on one of Bobbi Brown's latest blusher offerings 'PastelPeach' and mentioned I had also purchased this little beauty 'Coral Sugar'. I am like a moth to the flame with any product which has 'coral' in the name or description so when I saw Coral Sugar in the list of new shades I knew it had to be mine!

When I initially opened Coral Sugar I felt a little disappointed as I was convinced it was the same colour as another Bobbi Brown blusher I own Pink Coral (limited edition) but when you put the two together you can really see the differences between the two shades.

Pink Coral Top Left
Coral Sugar Top Right
Coral Sugar is definitely more of a pastel shade than Pink Coral and has clear lilac undertones compared to the flamey undertones of Pink Coral. This shade is a gorgeously fresh shade of pink. I'm struggling to pick the coral tone from the name, I would call it more of a pastel pink. Don't let my waffling put you off from trying it as it, like all other blushers from Bobbi Brown, is a gorgeous shade for anyones collection.

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