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Origins Out Of Trouble Mask Pods

Thursday, 6 August 2015

Out Of Trouble Mask Pods £5

Origins is a brand I see often featured in blog posts and reviews but I have never tried anything from them, seeing their face masks as a popular purchase I decided to start my journey with Origins with their Out Of Trouble face mask. 

Out Of Trouble is aimed at skin just like mine, oily, prone to blocked pores and breakouts, helping to absorb excess oiled slough off debris from pores. I decided to purchase their pack of four pods rather than fork out £23 for the full size product and not like it, at only £1.25 per treatment it's not only effective but incredibly affordable.

The mask is incredibly thick and luxurious feeling, it has a creamy yet almost mousse like texture to it which smooths over skin well and despite being thick doesn't dry uncomfortably like a regular clay mask. The product has an invigorating scent to it, you can almost smell how good it is for your skin!

After use my skin felt extremely clean and almost tingly, my current breakout felt more comfortable and a couple of smaller spots shrunk away overnight. I will certainly go on to buy the 100ml tube, I can see this as a regular treatment to keep my skin in check.

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