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Benefit They're Real Push-Up Liner Review

Saturday, 5 July 2014

Unless you've been living in an underground bunker for the last month you can't have missed the hype surrounding the launch of Benefit's new They're Real push-up gel liner. 

My signature look includes eyeliner in some form, be it just a simple slick above the lash line or my normal go-to cat-eye flicks. When I saw Benefit were bringing out the first ever gel eyeliner in pen form (with an innovative soft tip that hugs the lash line) I just knew it had to be mine. 

I do own a few gel eyeliners already, one of my favorites being Maybelline's Eye Studio Gel, the formula is great and the little brush aids a smooth application but it dries up fairly quickly. At only £7.99 it doesn't break the bank to chuck it away when it starts to dry up but I do hate to chuck something away that isn't finished! For a long lasting liquid eyeliner I do love Illamasqua Eye Liner cake and sealing gel, I've found nothing that beats the durability of this. If I'm going out or I'm somewhere hot and humid I'll always use this as it does not budge! Most days however when I'm in a rush I have to give it a miss as applying liquid liner with a small brush takes a little longer than I have the time or patience for when I'm getting ready for work! Queue Benefit's They're Real liner...

When I initially went to use the liner it took quite a few clicks to get the formula up to the on first use go carefully as you don't want a huge amount of product rushing to the top! The rubber tip is alot softer than I thought it would be and it guides the product along the lash line very smoothly. The formula is blackest black and after a whole day of wear I didn't experience and transfer or smudging (I'm not the type to be rubbing my eyes when I have my make-up on however). The only thing I can really fault Benefit's new eyeliner on is using it for a fine feline flick. It doesn't deliver the precise results I was expecting. I found it's ability to draw a bolder flick fine but if you're looking for something with more precision I'd say this isn't the one. 

The product itself wasn't any more of a pain to remove than most eye products so I wouldn't say purchasing They're Real Remover is a must, for me it would just be one extra product to use and a waste of £14.50.Would I repurchase? Maybe. It's handy having a gel eye liner in pen form and not having a dirty brush floating round your make-up bag but for £18.50 I'll have to see how many uses I can get out of it.

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