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Trial-Sized Tuesday - Biore Deep Cleansing Pore Strips

Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Ok, so blackhead's are gross, nobody wants them adorning their face and I'm yet to find a miracle product to cure them completely but pore strips really do work! Is it just me or does anyone else find it weirdly satisfying when you pull off that strip and see just how much junk has been pulled out of your pores? 
Randomly I received a sample of Biore Ultra Deep Cleansing pore strips in my ASOS order over the weekend so I thought I would give it a go last night. I do occasionally use pore strips on my nose, usually just Superdrug's own brand (Tea Tree) ones as I thought they were all pretty much the same...but I must say Biore's managed to clear more out of my pores than my usual brand.
Biore have brought out a reinvented pore strip, the Ultra Deep Cleansing strips, designed to remove twice as much dirt and oil from your clogged up pores. Having not tried their predecessor I can't make a comparison between the two but I can say this strip lived up to its description. The strips contain Witch Hazel and Tea tree to help get rid of the build up leading to blackheads and with continual use are reputed to reduce the size of pores...always a bonus!
I was so impressed (and kinda grossed out) with the amount that these strips lifted from my pores that I purchased a box from Boots today, along with a combo pack they do of nose and face strips.

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