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May Favourites

Sunday, 1 June 2014

I really wanted to keep my May Favourite's list to a bare minimum, I didn't want to be all like 'Look how much I've bought this month!' and just share with you the products I've used everyday without fail and not just list every beauty product I have bought (and there was a lot!). I've kinda gone back to basics this month, concentrating more on skincare and maintenance, here's some of my favourite purchases...

First up is MAC's Angel lipstick rrp £15 from Cohorted, I did a post about a week ago on this gorgeous lipstick, I've worn it pretty much everyday as it's the perfect subtle pink for daytime looks.

Next up we have L'Occitane Immortelle Divine Lotion rrp £42, I discovered this wonderful product through Latest In Beauty with their British Beauty Blogger beauty box collaboration. When I saw the Divine Lotion listed in the box contents I just thought t was going to be some naff body wrong was I?! Divine Lotion helps cellular renewal giving you a more radiant, younger looking complexion. I've been applying this lotion after cleansing and toning but before my serum/night cream and my skin feels so soft and it really does leave your face glowing. I will definitely be purchasing the full-size product when my sample runs out.

Toni and Guy's  Prep Heat Protection Spray rrp £6.39 is one of the best heat protection products I've ever used. It protects my hair without leaving any sticky or greasy residue as some other products do and the scent is a really clean, refreshing smell. It doesn't dry my hair out or make it stiff, instead it aids the blowdrying and straightening process leaving me with shinier hair. This has definitely become one of my haircare staples.

Balmi Mint Cube Lip Balm rrp £4.99 has become my current favourite lip balm. It comes in cool, convenient packaging and the formula is lovely. The main reason I went for Balmi was that I was looking for an un-tinted, conditioning balm for work that meant I didn't need to stick my fingers in the product (germ-a-phobe!). I have used the little Vaseline tin's for years and love them as they are multi functioning and last forever but after a recent bought of illness I just got really paranoid about spreading germs! Balmi is a great balm, the packaging is kitsch and the formula has a rich blend of natural ingredients including Jojoba Oil and Shea Butter so it leaves your lips really conditioned. On top of that it has SPF15 and UVA protection so it's perfect for outdoorsy types!


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