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The Essential Mini-Break Beauty Kit - Premae's Festival Glower Set

Saturday, 7 June 2014

Hello beauties, today I have the pleasure of reviewing the must have beauty kit for the approaching festival season from Premae. Anyone that reads my blog will know that I have a real affinity for Premae skincare and well, just the company themselves. Not only do they create luxury, allergy-free products they also provide excellent customer service, you really feel as though getting some beauty products from a pal and not buying from a big impersonal company.

The Festival Glower Set is an exciting new kit designed and compiled with the festival season in mind. This travel-friendly kit contains everything you need to keep you feeling and looking your best, whether you have a short break booked or you just need some handbag sized essentials to carry with you. Inside the set you will find 9 beauty essentials to keep you feeling fresh and looking groomed...

5ml Premae Balance Rescue Face Wash - Delicate yet thorough for blemish-free skin.
100ml Premae Balance Rescue Face Tonique - Revitalising, pore tightening and make-up refreshing.
5ml Premae Harmony Serum - SPF8 - The essential product to prep and prime your skin.
5ml Premae Harmony Creme Balm - SPF8 - Mattifying 15 hr moisturiser.
5ml Lab Definitive Eye Creme - Soothes and refreshes tired eyes whilst priming for eye make-up.
2-in-1 Compact hairbrush and mirror to keep hair and make-up in check whilst space-saving.
A floral nail file to keep those talons neat and tidy.
Tweezers to keep those brows as groomed as you are.

All of the above are housed it a practical yet cute PVC wash bag (styles may vary) small enough to squeeze into that overpacked backpack or weekend bag. The Festival Glower Kit truly offers everything you need to keep you blemish-free, feeling fresh and looking your best this summer. Worth over £35 but offered at the incredibly affordable price of £21 don't hesitate in purchasing THE essential from-home beauty kit. 


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