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Urban Decay Naked Palette Swatches and Review

Saturday, 28 June 2014

This post comes a little late as I received it a little over a week ago, but today I am reviewing my bargain purchase from Cohorted...the Naked palette from Urban Decay.

Now I did a review a couple of months ago on Urban Decay's Naked Basic's palette in which I said shimmer and glitter eye-shadow's are not for me...I have been converted now I have this palette in my possession! I briefly deliberated on whether or not I needed to purchase this palette when I saw the Cohorts go live as like I said I never really wore or liked glitter or shimmer eye-shadow's but I hastily made the decision to purchase it...and at only £23.96 it was a bargain I couldn't resist!

I was very surprised at the size of the Naked palette, as I mentioned I have the Naked Basics palette and it's not even a third of the size of the Naked palette. What I really like is that it comes with a decent sized brush in with the palette saving the hassle of digging round for a brush when you're doing your face in a rush.

This palette has the perfect mixture of bronzed hued matte, shimmer and sparkle shadows in it. As with all of the other Urban Decay shadow's I've tried they are super pigmented, extremely wearable and they last all day. My favorite shades and the ones I've been wearing the most in the last week are the first 4 (Virgin, Sin, Naked and Sidecar).

L-R as shown in palette

Apologies for  the size of the swatches, I don't have much skin not covered in tattoo's! These swatches were just one swipe with my finger in the pan, as you can see they are super pigmented and the colors blend really well with each other. With having to use so little to get great color pay-off I see this as more of an investment than an expenditure.


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