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The Quest To Utilise My Ever Growing Stash Of Samples - Trial-Sized Tuesday's

Monday, 30 June 2014

With hoards of online shopping comes hoards of beauty and skincare samples. I have a drawer (yes a drawer!) dedicated to samples alone and as I was having a dig through them the other day I realised I really should be testing these samples out, I mean I love the products I buy regularly from my favourite companies surely there must be some new favourites to discover amongst the hundreds of little sachets and tubes?

I've decided to utilise these hundreds of samples and do a post every week called 'Trial-Sized Tuesdays'. The clue is in the name. Every Tuesday I will test out one sample and give my initial thoughts on it. Whilst I know that using a skincare product for only a day is not enough to warrant going out and spending £80 on a moisturiser, I can pretty much tell if it's love at first application with my complicated skin.

So check back with me on Wednesdays where I'll let you know just what I was trialling that previous Tuesday!


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