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Bronzers for fair skinned beauty's - Body Shop Honey Bronzers

Sunday, 3 August 2014

It is with great pleasure I bring to you THE perfect bronzers for us fair skinned gals...

I ordered these bronzers on a bit of a whim last week when they had a 50% off offer running, at £6.50 each I wasn't to fussed if they didn't suit me but much to my delight they are perfect!

Shade 1 Light Matte

Shade 1 is a more pink/red toned bronzer so this would be more suitable to fair skin with a pink undertone.
Shade 2 Fair Matte

Shade 2 has yellow undertones to it so is more suited to skin with yellow undertones such as mine (I am NC15 for colour reference.

Apart from the bargain price of £13 and the generous 11.5g of product in the pan, what I absolutely love about this budget bronzer is the finish. Having fair skin I usually have to tread carefully with bronzers as they are nearly always on the red side and way too harsh against my skin tone, shade 2 is perfect for my skin as it compliments by yellow undertones and looks completely natural.

L Shade 2 Honey Bronzer
R Benefit Hoola

Just for colour reference I've added a picture of Shade 2 against Benefit's Hoola, you can really see that Body Shop's Honey Bronzer is less of a muddy colour.

Left Shade 1
Centre Shade 2
Right Benefit Hoola

If like me you're faired skinned and always getting it wrong with bronzers then I urge you to try Bodyshop's Honey Bronzers! Not only are the shades perfect for injecting a little life into your complexion without leaving you looking dirty but the formula itself is silky, completely matte and completely foolproof!  I have tried many high-end bronzers and this is by far my favourite, it's taken place in my daily routine and I can't see it being replaced all summer!

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