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My First Pink Parcel - Contents And Review

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Last month I discovered and subscribed to a wonderful service designed to make that not so convenient time of the month just that little bit more easier and fun. Pink Parcel is a monthly subscription service that you can totally taylor to your periods requirements, choosing the brand, type and absorbency of either tampons or towels conveniently delivered to your door in time for Mother Nature's monthly gift! Not only do you get the right amount of tampons/towels to see you through but they also include some lovely little extra's to put a smile on your face. I chose the 'Multi Parcel' and Tampax compact as my brand of choice (my regular brand) the Multi Parcel includes different absorbencies, enough to see you through your cycle. Here's what I received in my first ever Pink Parcel...
First up is a cute little bag for your handbag with 5 Light Tampax, perfect for the beginning/end of your cycle. I like the idea of including a little bag as it will be handy to store all period paraphernalia, stopping it all from floating around in your handbag.
Next up is my supply to see me through the main part of my cycle. The first box contained 7 regular Tampax Compact and 4 super Tampax Compact and the second box (not pictured) contained an additional 3 super Tampaz Compact and 7 super-plus Tampax Compact. Thanks to being on a reliable contraception my cycles frequency and and heaviness is very predictable so this will be an ample amount for my personal needs.
Last and by all means not least we have a little box of goodies! Included was a sachet of Teapigs Peppermint tea (aids digestion and helps with bloating) a small bar of vanilla dark chocolate, a 30ml bottle of Bio Oil, a 50 ml bottle of Roc Soleil sunscreen, a Roc Soleil lip balm and a gorgeous pink polish from Binky London. A great selection of summer themed treats, all of which will be used.

I'm thrilled with my first ever Pink Parcel, not only is the concept a great one but the whole package is of great quality and variation. If you fancy checking out Pink Parcel your first month is only £5.95 and then £9.95 (including p&p) for every subsequent month.

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