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Bobbi Brown Corrector in Porcelain Bisque

Friday, 21 November 2014

Having inherited horrible dark circles one of my make-up bag staples is Bobbi Brown's Corrector rrp £19. I usually use the shade Extra Light Bisque (which is more salmon coloured) but with going lighter on my foundation and concealer thanks to the winter I decided to go slightly lighter (well, Bobbi's lightest!) with my corrector to compliment this. 

If like me you suffer from dark circles and you haven't given thought to investing in a corrector then you seriously should, I'm not joking it will change your life! A corrector is designed to wake up tired eyes and neutralise under-eye darkness. Designed to use under your concealer the formula is long-wearing and doesn't crease, Bobbi's Cream Concealer compliments this corrector perfectly.

Porcelain Bisque is as I mentioned the ranges fairest shade and has a peach tone to it which completely cancels out the shady areas under my eyes and instantly brightens. Although it seems a little pricey because it's extremely good quality and you need very little to get great results, one pot will last me around 10 months, I can deal with £1.90 a month for brighter eye's!

L Without Corrector
R With Corrector
Apologies for the weird picture of my you know how hard it is to take a picture of your own eyes?! I've applied the corrector on my left eye, or the right eye as you are looking at it and can't you just tell the difference? You can apply to the whole eye area, including lids but I just use in the corner of my eyes and blend out as my eyeshadow primer cancels out any darkness on my lids.

As I said, one of my staples, do you use a corrector and which brand do you use?

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