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B. Skincare Favourites

Thursday, 23 July 2015

If you've not heard of or tried Superdrug's B. range then you are seriously missing out, all of the products I've tried to date have rivalled some of the highend skincare products I own. Here's a few of the products I repurchase every time they run out. 

We all know the general rule of using cream products on dry skin but despite me having oily skin this cleanser works so well! The cleanser comes with a muslin cloth, the idea is to either use daily or apply a few times a week for up to 3 minutes and buff off, I found the best results doing the latter. The cleanser contains Glycol Acid, Shea Butter and Cocoa, I've noticed a huge difference in my complexion over the last few months of having this product in my routine. 

This is THE best micellar water I've ever used, I've lost count of the amount of bottles I've been through. I use this micellar water to remove last traces of makeup before cleansing, it does an amazing job of removing even long wearing makeup in one swipe.

I use these wipes to remove the majority of my makeup, before fining with a swipe of micellar water. The wipes are soft and not at all scratchy as some I've tried can be and they stay moist right until the end of the packet, I've lost count of the amount of packets of wipes I've bought that have dried out before I've had a chance to finish them! I use the wipes specifically for makeup removal but they do cleanse, tone and hydrate in one swipe.

This product is quite new to my skincare routine and is aimed more at at ladies in their 30's but I'm enjoying it so far. B. Vitalised is a gel eye product that helps refresh tired looking eyes and smooth fine lines. The product dries quickly but leaves my under eye skin more hydrated and fresher looking. I'm looking forward to seeing the long term benefits of using it.

The B. range has a line for any skin concern, be it anti-agin or acne and they often have deals of up to half price, have a look next time you're in your local Superdrug, I promise you won't be disappointed.

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