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Garnier Ultralift 14 Day Challenge - Day 7

Tuesday, 28 July 2015

So, I'm halfway through my 14 day trial of Garnier Ultralift Complete Beauty Day Cream and I thought I'd check in and let you know how its going. First off a nod at Garnier for actually making sample sized sachets that cover your whole face and décolleté, a lot of companies give you the tiniest amount of product to try and you can never really judge fairly how well it will work based on that. 

Although I've been sampling a day cream I've actually had to use it at night as the cream is quite rich and my oily skin just can't take something that heavy in the day so I've been applying last thing at night, they say lotions and potions work best when we're sleeping right? The cream has a quite thick and almost oily texture to it, it does sink in well although I do wake a bit shiny but this isn't an issue as I cleanse first thing in the morning. The cream has that generic cream smell to it that most high-street creams have, you know that part baby wipe and part botanical smell? The pack comes with a 'wrinkle-reader' which is not much use to me as I don't have wrinkles anywhere as deep as the example pictures, we're just talking a few fine lines around my mouth and forehead. At present I can't see those lines have faded at all, but hey we're only on week one right?

I'm looking forward to seeing if there are any noticeable changes to my skin once the trial is up, I'll check in next Tuesday to let you know!

If you want to put Garnier Ultralift to the test click here for your 14 day trial pack.

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