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Current Favourite Body Tanning Products

Thursday, 16 July 2015

We're all using them, if we're not using them then we're contemplating them - tanning products. This year I've strayed away from my usual gel self tan as there have been quite a few new kids on the block this spring/summer, here's my current favourites -

Bondi Sands Self Tanning Foam Light/Medium £14.99

First up is my not-leaving-the-house-all-day tan, I don't like to go to bed with self tan on, mostly because I have white sheets but also if you sweat you can end up with an uneven tan. I bought this one back in May, rather than starting the summer with a gradual tanner and moving on to a self tan I thought I'd try this as I'd seen natural looking results on social media. What I like about this self tan is it has none of that biscuity scent to it, on application it has a coconut and shea butter scent and even after washing off that famous self tan biscuity smell doesn't come through. The results for this one definitely lean more on the light side than medium, my skin felt soft after washing off and overall it's a fuss-free and non-streaky application.

St Tropez Express Bronze Mousse £33

This is my I-need-a-tan-but-dont-have-all-day tan. Let me start off by saying this tan is uh-mazing! At first I thought it was a bit rubbish, I came home from work, applied and the showered after 2 hours and couldn't see the results. St Tropez Express Mousse enables you to pick the level of intensity by how long you keep it on, 1 hour for light, 2 hours for medium, 3 hours for deep and that's nothing new I know  but now I have got the hang of it I can really appreciate it. Like any other pre-tanning day I exfoliate and moisturise well and the next day I apply and leave for the full 3 hours, when I jump in the shower I wash only the guide colour off and either shower properly that evening or the following morning as the tanner keeps working for the next 8 hours and the next day you have the most natural, deep tan. Love it!

Bondi Sands Everday Gradula Tanning Milk £11.99

This is my keeping-my-tan-topped up tan. This gradual tanner is really light and absorbs quicker than any tanning product I own, the scent is very similar to the tanning mousse from Bondi Sands. The colour is a really natural tan which used alone build to a nice shade within only a few days however I like to use this on days between using my St Tropez or the Bondi Sands mousse. You get a very generous 375ml of product so it will last a fair amount of time between repurchases.

See any of your favourites here?

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