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Benefit It's Potent Eye Cream

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

I was first introduced to Benefit's It's Potent in my Birchbox a few month's ago and as I'm more familiar with Benefit's beauty products I kind of just brushed off their skincare and the little pot of eye cream sat in a drawer for a while and when I finally dug it out and saw the results I was kicking myself for leaving it so long before trying! After recently finishing my two little sample sized jars I have purchased the full size for a very reasonable £25.50 and feel I can give you a review after a few months of use.

It's Potent has a balm like texture that I find very moisturising allowing your concealer to sit beautifully without smudging or budging. I can honestly say that after around 3 months of use I have noticed a really difference in my under eye area. I seem to have inherited the dreaded dark circles that no amount of sleep or water will budge, but It's potent is lightening my under eye area and I can notice the deep creases I had before are becoming more shallow.

I've tried a multitude of eye creams over the last few years and none have delivered the results this product have and most surprisingly so from a cosmetic company! As with all of Benefit's packaging this cute little jar will look gorgeous on any girls dressing table and the packaging contains a very generous 14.2g of product, the two little 3g sample jars I had lasted me nearly 3 month's so I'm confident this will last me well into next year.

Have you tried any of benefit's skincare range? What are your favourites?

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