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Body Shop Skincare Picks

Sunday, 19 October 2014

My relationship with Body Shop is still relatively new, aside from a few Christmas sets I've been gifted in the past, it's only been in the last 6 months that I've really started delving into the brand and it's products. Some products I've purchased have just been ok, but the three items I'm going to talk to you about now are incredible!

I have the oddest skin ever, my face is oily/combination but my body has dry skin. I like to go for rich moisturisers or oils in the winter as my skin gets a little drier, being a lover of the Shea scent I thought I'd give it a shot...and it's divine! You only need to apply a few drops to each arm and leg, it absorbs quickly and leaves your skin beautifully soft! You can use this oil on your hair and face too, I haven't tried it on those areas yet but I love it for post shower moisturising.

This antibacterial gel-cream is designed to be applied at night to replenish moisture but keep skin matte at the same time. As well as moisturising and preventing break-outs it works on clearing your existing acne scars. I only get spots on my chin and jawline so I only apply to that area before bed and after around 4 weeks of use I can really see the difference! The acne scars on my jawline have faded quite significantly, so this is a product I will definitely continue using.

What first attracted me to this product was the claim of 'eight hours sleep for your skin'...who doesn't want to look more rested in the morning? Whilst traditionally products containing Vitamin E are aimed at dry skin, this serum-in-oil works wonderfully with my oily/combination skin. I was really sceptical about the the claims of recharged and refreshed skin but it actually works! My skin looks, without sounding all la la, it looks glowy! Although it's an oil its incredibly fast absorbing and doesn't leave my skin like an oil slick and hour later!

What are your favourite Body Shop products?

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