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Trial-sized Tuesday's - Lush Full Of Grace Serum

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

On my last trip to my (not-so) local Lush one of the sales assistants recommended Full Of Grace when I mentioned one of my skin concerns was dullness. Full Of Grace is a facial serum that comes in a solid form, you gently heat between palms to melt the product and then apply to your face.

This skin-feeding serum contains a blend of oils and Portebello Mushrooms which condition and protect the skin and Calamine powder to soothe delicate skin. I was a little apprehensive to try it as it looked oily and with my skin being oily it doesn't need any more help in that respect, but the sales assistant assured me she uses it every night and has oily skin herself. I have to say I really enjoyed using Full Of Grace, despite finding the initial concept of warming something in my hands before using it was a little weird the serum itself is lovely and did a good job of hydrating my skin without leaving a greasy film as I had expected.

Would I purchase it? Maybe. For hygiene reasons I really do prefer something from a bottle or jar and for speed and ease of use something that can be applied directly to skin (without warming). 

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