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Topshop Nails Arabesque

Friday, 24 October 2014

I've had this polish in my arsenal for a couple of months now and really should have done a post on it before as it is simply the perfect nude shade for me! Arabesque is simply described as a 'Creamy Nude' on Topshop's website, I was a little apprehensive when ordering it online as I've never tried Topshop's nail polishes before, however now I find myself removing when my nails are looking a little tatty and re-applying straight away!

This nude polish is the most complimentary to my (NC15) skin tone that I have found to date. So, there are many pro's to this polish, (the colour, the cute bottle and the longevity-5 days without a chip!) but there is one con...the formula. The formula is great in the respect that I have not had a single chip, it grows out before before it chips but I needed FOUR, yes four coats for complete opacity. Not really an issue as I use Seche Dry Fast Topcoat which means my nails are dry super quick but for people without it may be an issue.

Despite the one niggle I love this polish and am really excited to try some more from Topshop!

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