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Benefit Majorette Blusher

Friday, 17 October 2014

Last week I indulged my blusher addiction with the gorgeousness that is Majorette from Benefit. I'm a sucker for anything peach or coral toned and was convinced I could live without it when it launched but now I have it I'm left wondering why I left it so long to purchase it!

Don't be intimidated by the colour...once it's on it's the perfect pop of colour! When it arrived I was pleasantly surprised at the size, it's a very generous 7g's and although the packaging is a tad bulky, it has a handily little mirror inside so all can be forgiven.

Majorette is a cream to powder blush which you can either wear alone or under your favourite blusher. The colour in my opinion is far to pretty to go applying another colour over the top!

This blusher applies like a dream! I find some cream to powder blushers can be a little hard to blend or can move your foundation around in the process of blending, not this one! Although it's formula is a powder finish it still left my cheeks with a healthy sheen. I've seen some posts where it's been applied to lips also, I've not tried it yet (due to some flaky lips thanks to a grim cold!) but what a great multi-tasker! Lastly, this blusher smells gorgeous! Its smells like strawberries or berries or's divine!

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