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Clarins Double Serum 2 Month Review

Friday, 30 January 2015

With being in my mid-twenties and starting to notice those little fine lines appearing I decided towards the end of last year to find an anti-aging product for preventative measures. After a lot of shopping around and reading a ton of reviews I decided to go with Calrind Double Serum (prices from £55) and I have to say it's incredible!

So the serum is a two-phase system (meaning it dispenses two products together) and contains 20 natural plant extracts to help boost the skins vital functions. The serum promises to minimise pores, smooth skin and skin firmer and glowing. After 2 months of use I can honestly say it really has delivered on those promises!

Like I mentioned I only really have fine lines and some expression lines which were getting more prominent but I can see those expression lines on my forehead are less visible and my skin definitely looks and feels more firm. The absolute god send of this product is that it's actually shrinking my pores! I have tried oodles of products which promise to smooth skin and erase pores but none have delivered so effectively and as quickly as this serum has. 

Double serum is suitable for most skin types, including oily skin like mine, as my skin is quite oily have found it best to apply the serum only at night although you can use it morning and night for better effectiveness. It may seem a little on the expensive side however with the small amount needed and the fact 2 months into use I'm not even half way through the bottle I see it more as an investment.

If you're looking for a preventative measure like I was then I would definitely recommend Double Serum, it's no wonder it's won so many awards!

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