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Clinique Lash Building Primer Review

Thursday, 21 May 2015

Being a girl who favours a punchy pout over a bold eye I am always on the look out for something that will give my lashes a little more oomph. I've added Clinique's Lash Building Primer to my basket plenty of times when online shopping yet always removing it as I kind of considered it an unnecessary part of my routine, how wrong was I!

When I initially used this primer I was a little concerned as the formula looks quite a stark white on the brush however when you apply it it's noticeable enough to see where it has been applied yet not so bright you'd need 5 coats of mascara to cancel it out. After 2 coats of this primer and then 2 coats of mascara I am left with seriously thickened lashes! Clinique state this primer not only protects lashes but the formula conditions, which I can sort of agree with as my lashes don't feel dry or uncomfortable with it on. 

Have you tried a mascara primer? Which are your recommendations?

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