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My Clinique Chubby Stick Collection & Swatches

Saturday, 16 May 2015

I'm not sure why I've not done a post on my Clinique Chubby Stick collection before, they are one of the most used lip products in my collection and were what sparked my chubby stick obsession all those years ago. I've done a swatch of each shade, you can instantly pick out which ones are the original moisturizing formula and which are the intense versions. So lets run through the shades I have in my stash-

From top left - 
08 Grandest Grape (intense)
07 Super Strawberry
06 Roomiest Rose (intense)
17 Plumped Up Pink
06 Woppin' Watermelon
11 Two Ton Tomato
04 Mega Melon
01 Curviest Caramel

Although the intense versions offer more of a punch of colour to your lips they don't skip on the moisture levels delivered by the original moisturizing version. I love everything about these lipbalm come lipsticks, the packing has a real luxe feel, the formula's don't disappoint and I feel you really get your money's worth with the amount of product.

Do you own any of Clinique's Chubby Sticks, what are your thoughts?  

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