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MAC Wash & Dry Collection 'Crisp Whites' Blusher Review & Swatch

Wednesday, 13 May 2015

I'm not ashamed to admit I only purchased something from MAC's new Wash & Dry Collection purely for the packaging, as I do with most of MAC's limited edition releases and as with most of MAC's new lines my attention was drawn directly to the blushers. Out of the two I was drawn to 'Crisp Whites' described as a pale tangerine with fine gold shimmer. This shade is so me, I feel I look my healthiest when wearing peach or coral toned blushers.

The formula of this blusher is light and blends very well and the shade is much more subtle than the description of tangerine may indicate, making this blusher perfect for daytime looks. I did purchase the 'Ripe Peach' blush from the Toledo line that MAC released back in February which I am yet to muster the courage to use as it's just too beautiful!

Did you get anything from the new line?

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