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May Empties

Saturday, 30 May 2015

I hate to say it, but where the heck did May go?! It seems like it was only a week ago I was sitting down to write my April empties post! I must admit I'm getting excited about getting out of this inclement weather and heading into some sunnier months. So here's my May empties and any repurchases I've made...

A bit of a boring one but hey we all use deodorant don't we? Dove Go Fresh Cucumber has been my favourite antiperspirant for the last few years, as the name indicates it's a fresh and cooling spray that does a great job of leaving you fresh and dry all day.

I use this shampoo, usually on my Sunday night pamper session, to help remove any build up of product from my hair from the previous week and give me a clean slate for the forthcoming week. This shampoo leaves my hair feeling thoroughly cleansed yet not dry so this was a definite repurchase.

This showergel has been a favourite of mine for a while now, the scent is gorgeous and it's one of the few in-shower products I've come across that doesn't leave my skin feeling dry. The huge 500ml bottle means it will last me a few months even with daily use.

I love Aussie's hair products, they all smell divine and there's a treatment for any hair concern. Miracle Shine Shampoo has been a favourite of mine for a couple of years now, it leaves my hair shiny and feeling nourished. A definite repurchase.

I used this cleanser a few years ago and it was a favourite of mine for a while, but then I had a bad bout of acne and the rest was history. I had ran out of my regular cleanser and decided to give this a shot again and quickly remembered what a pleasure it is to use. If you like a cleanser that leaves your skin feeling squeaky clean, fresh and nourished then this just may be up your street. I'm currently half way through another cleanser which I'm not so sold on so I might just go back to this one once I'm done.

The Morninga range from The Body Shop is one of my favourite scents as it's so fresh and floral yet not in an overpowering way. This beautifying oil is one of the best body products I've tried, it absorbs quickly and leaves my skin moisturised and smelly divine. I'm working through some already open body products at the moment but I'm sure I'll return to this one.

This is my all-time favourite spot fighting mask, the scent is a bit marmite in the respect that you'll either love it or hate it (I think it smells like garlic mayo!) but there's no denying it works fast on blemishes!

This primer has been my go-to for the last few years, it provides the perfect base for any foundation. I'm trying to use up some other primers in my collection before a purchase this again but this will be top of my list when I need another.

From a cute little travel trio from ASOS for only £3.50 this fruity dry shampoo was a pleasure to use. I can't actually find the full size version of this product online although it's no biggy as I'm not really torn by scents as long as the formula is the same.

Unfortunately this will not be a repurchase, at £20 I expected it to perform a lot better than it did. I'm not a huge fan of Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream (I know, shoot me) as I find it a little greasy and hard to work with and unfortunately this lip balm is the same, it sat on my lips and didn't really nourish them.

Phew! Any of your favourites here or products you don't rate so much?

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