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My MAC Lipstick Collection | Part 2

Thursday, 28 May 2015

Following on from yesterday's post with the brighter shades in my MAC lipstick collection today I'm going through the more muted shades in my collection. These shades are the ones I reach for more on a daily basis as they are are more toned down and easy to wear. So here's the second part of my MAC lipstick collection...

First up we have Faux the Kylie Jenner lip shade that everyone was donning last Autumn, I wore this shade for 6 months straight when I got it, it's just the perfect amount of pink and brown. Next up we have Patisserie which is no stranger, it's that perfect my lips only better shade and has been getting a lot of wear from me over the last couple of months. Thirdly we have Creme Cup, I must wear this shade more often as it's just the perfect pinky nude, I find this works best when I'm a little on the paler side. Next we have Angel, I loved it when I first bought it but nowadays I'm not so keen, I love the colour it's just this lipstick has a frosted finish to it which I'm not keen on. Last but not least we have Snob, this is a gorgeous blue toned almost bubblegum pink shade that is so fun to wear, another I need to break out more.

Which are your MAC lipstick favourites?

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