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L'Oreal Paris Infallible Matte Foundation & Primer Review

Friday, 8 May 2015

I must admit other than my (Bourjois) cc cream I haven't worn a drugstore foundation in about 5 years for no reason other than the more high end ones I have converted to just perform better than the drugstore ones I have tried. When L'Oreal released their Infallible Matte foundation and the blogosphere went ablaze with reviews I said to myself I wasn't going to buy it but when i was in Superdrug picking up some essentials I ended up going against what I had said, chucked it in my basket and asked myself if so many girls could be wrong about this foundation.

So a little background on my skin, it's oily/combination and I have some light acne scarring (although no new breakout's) so you'd think this would be ideal for my skin type as it offers a matte finish which still has some life to it, right? Wrong. This is probably the thickest foundation I have ever used, it sets so quickly that you barely have time to blend it properly and it did not feel like it offered the natural finish it proclaims to. I enjoyed the primer, it has a silicone, gel kinda feel to it which I'm used to after using similar formulas and it did reduce the shine on my skin slightly. I like to apply my foundation with my fingers and then blend with a damp Beauty Blender, the most annoying thing that I found about this foundation was that it just lifted off with the slightest touch of my sponge so a second layer is a no-no and applying concealer under my eyes and trying to blend out just made the whole situation worse. I ended up taking the whole lot off and applying my regular foundation. I picked the shade 'Vanilla' which seemed a good match for me inshore however on it looks so red, I honestly looked like I was holding my breath!

Can't say I'm hugely surprised or disappointed in this foundation, this is the reason I stopped buying drugstore foundations all those years ago, they really are like marmite. Have you tried this foundation, did you find you had similar issues?

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