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Urban Decay Naked Basics 2 vs Naked Basics

Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Admittedly my post on Urban Decay's Naked basics 2 is not alone and quite late, however I just had to share this gorgeous bargain purchase (£15.70!) from Cohorted I made a few weeks ago. If you haven't heard of Cohorted or made a purchase from them yet then you really should check them out, they bring you big brands at tiny prices, the concept is simple...the more people that shop the bigger the price drop!

Matt neutral eyeshadows are my thang and loving my Naked Basics palette as much as I do I knew Naked Basics 2 would have to be mine! This palette has five never-before-seen matt shades that just like it's predecessor blend like a dream and wear so well.
The packaging and palette itself is very similar to the the first Naked Basics, I love the sleek yet simple design and the very generous size of the mirror inside.

Naked Basics 2 is cooler in tone than Naked Basics with these six taupe hued neutrals and compliments Naked 2 perfectly (which I don't own due to all the shimmery shades which aren't my thang!).

L Naked Basics 2
R Naked Basics

So here's Naked Basics 2 on the left compared to my well used and well loved Naked Basics on the right. I initially thought I wouldn't need Naked Basics 2 when it was released as I thought it was very similar to the first but when you have them together you can really tell the difference. I'm so glad I decided to add it to my collection, with Cohorted offering such an a amazing discount I'd have been a fool not to!

Do you own these palettes? What are your thoughts?

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