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Nars Sheer Glow Foundation | Gobi | Review

Friday, 20 March 2015

NARS Sheer Glow Foundation | Gobi | RRP £31

The blogosphere erupted with rave reviews when this foundation was released and every girl and her dog rushed out to buy it, a little late to the party I know but I purchased it a few weeks ago and feel I should give an honest review of this 'miracle foundation'.

Ok so firstly despite being called 'Sheer Glow' the foundation is not sheer, but described by many a reviewer as a medium-buildable foundation. Unless in my years of foundation application experience I am missing something, I did not find this foundation was build-able. Despite many saying one layer covers scars and blemishes I found it provided little coverage and when I tried to go back over my face for a second layer the foundation just moved around and looked patchy.

Although this foundation is recommended for normal, normal-dry and dry skin types I found this foundation to stick to dry areas I never even knew I had! I have normal/combination skin at times, this foundation after a few hours of wear separates and leaves me looking like an oil slick.

The shade Gobi is absolutely perfect for me (I usually wear MAC NC15) but unfortunately this foundation in my books is a huge disappointment. After trying various combinations of primers, finishing powders and tools for application I just can't get the results that so many people have raved about.

Have your tried NARS Sheer Glow? What are your thoughts?

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