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Trial Sized Tuesday's | Benefit Triple Performing Facial Emulsion

Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Benefit Triple Performing Facial Emulsion  | rrp £21.50 50ml

In the post Christmas sales I picked up a couple of Benefit's b.right! Radiant Skincare 6 piece intro kit's and as excited as I was to try them (as I adore Benefit's makeup) I will admit they have kinda just sat in a drawer in my dressing table. A couple of weeks ago I caught sight of the set when I was digging around looking for a tanning mitt and picked the facial emulsion mostly because the name intrigued me, I mean a moisturiser does just that but what is so different with this?

So what is it? Triple Performing Facial Emulsion is an oil-free, lightweight formula designed to hydrate and prepare skin for moisturiser. The formula has such a fresh scent it's unreal! After reading a few negative reviews on Benefit's website about how oily it left some girls faces I was a bit apprehensive of how it would fare on my oily/combination skin but it doesn't add to my oiliness at all. One thing I have noticed is how well my makeup sits when I'm wearing this lightweight moisturiser underneath, my skin looks really smooth and seems to reflect the light leaving me looking a bit glowy! Triple Performing Facial Emulsion has an SPF 15 which is great as I will rarely go for a product if it doesn't have any SPF.

I love this moisturiser so much I've already purchased the full size bottle. The sample sized bottle is a generous amount, it's enough to really give you the opportunity to trial it over a few weeks (a dig at those pointless little skincare sachets companies give out!). The only thing I will say is that despite the sample sized bottle being aesthetically pleasing it is totally impractical! At times no matter how much you shake you don't get a drop out and other times only slightly tilting it will dispense enough to do your face 10 times over, luckily the full size product has a pump in the bottle!

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